Brief Reality: Exhibitors Pitch Their AR Ideas at IFA 2017

Exhibitors Pitch Their AR Ideas at IFA 2017

While not specifically an augmented reality conference, IFA 2017 packed a plethora of presentations with AR themes, including devices with AR features from Sony and Motorola, a smartphone-based AR headset from Lenovo, and a new processor from Huawei that will facilitate AR experiences.

There were also several smaller exhibitors with their own AR inventions. In this edition of Brief Reality, we'll highlight a few of them.

3DQR Turns QR Codes into AR Modes

While ARKit and ARCore will bring markerless AR to hundreds of mobile devices, and companies like uSens and Wikitude providing tools to help developers extend the markerless capabilities to their apps, there is still a place for marker-based AR.

3DQR offers to turn QR codes into markers for AR experiences through their app for iOS or Android.

Thirtyseventy Digital Develops AR Experiences for Retail Stores

While 3DQR takes a "one size fits all" approach, Thirtyseventy Digital builds customized solutions for businesses.

The company applies a range of disciplines, including IoT, retail displays, user experience, and app and content development, with use cases that leverage AR as well. For example, they designed an AR retail experience for German appliance maker AEG.

Image via Thirtyseventy Digital

Merge VR Shows Off AR Toy

Finally, exhibitor Merge VR is no stranger to Next Reality. We covered their interactive toy Merge Cube earlier this year.

Over the summer, Merge VR began selling the Merge Cube through Walmart.

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Cover image via 3DQR

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