News: Amid Motorola Razr Hype, Lenovo Unveils AR Glasses Concept for Private Computing

Amid Motorola Razr Hype, Lenovo Unveils AR Glasses Concept for Private Computing

After drawing attention from nostalgic Gen Xers for its Motorola Razr reboot with a foldable screen, Lenovo has a new augmented reality smartglasses concept that the company hopes will also turn some heads.

At its Tech World 2019 conference in Beijing, Lenovo showed off its Lenovo AR PC concept glasses, a device designed to connect to a PC and project as many as three virtual displays in the user's field of view.

Lenovo pitches the concept as a solution for private computing, enabling commuters or coffee shop freelancers to emulate their desktop in AR and prevent onlookers from peeking into what they are working on. In other words, it's a limited use case of the concept demonstrated via the HoloLens, the Magic Leap One, and the Meta 2.

According to one attendee, the glasses provided a clear image and consumers can expect to see a commercial version in 2020.

Image by Lenovo/YouTube

In addition, Lenovo provided an update on another AR wearable concept, the Lenovo daystAR, which the company originally introduced in 2017 and launched as the daystAR platform and stARkit SDK last year.

This year, Lenovo presented a machine learning solution developed with the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China that assists frontline workers in the assembly of passenger aircraft. The application guides workers through the complex wiring process by tracking the real-world environment in augmented reality. The result is improved efficiency and reduced errors.

If this sounds familiar, it is. Upskill has facilitated similar solutions for Boeing and GE. Based on its success with the HoloLens, Airbus has begun developing HoloLens 2 applications for the aeronautics industry.

Lenovo already has several AR wearables on the market, including the Mirage AR for gaming in the Marvel and Star Wars universes and the (disappointing) ThinkReality A6 for enterprise functions.

So, while the company is intent on capitalizing on the past with the new Motorola Razr, Lenovo, like its peers at Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung, clearly has designs on preparing for the future when smartglasses render PCs, smartphones, and tablets obsolete.

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Cover image via Lenovo/YouTube

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