News: Mojo Vision Debuts Microscopic Display for Augmented Reality Wearables

Mojo Vision Debuts Microscopic Display for Augmented Reality Wearables

After raising more $100 million in funding from some of the tech world's biggest names, Mojo Vision is finally ready to show the world the building block of its "invisible computing" platform.

On Thursday, at the Augmented World Expo (AWE) in Santa Clara, California, the startup unveiled the Mojo Vision 14K PPI Display, a prototype monochrome microLED panel that the company claims is the smallest, densest display ever.

Ladybug for scale. Image via Mojo Vision

While the display isn't exactly invisible, it's pretty close, measuring at 0.48 millimeters -- or small enough to fit inside a contact lens. The display also packs a pixel pitch (the distance between pixel clusters) of 1.8 micrometers. The display is also dynamic, which means it can show moving content.

"Mojo Vision's record-setting display is our first important step in reimagining how we access, view, and share information beyond current mobile platforms," said Mike Wiemer, CTO at Mojo Vision, in a statement. "Today's devices are tethered to us and often create a barrier to personal interactions. Now is the time for us to rethink the delivery of that information so that it is less intrusive. Our team has designed and built ground-breaking display technologies with this intent in mind."

With backers including the investment arms of Google, Motorola, LG, and HP, Mojo Vision is working to build an augmented reality platform that delivers information to users without smartphones, tablets, or other devices distracting them. So far, the company is referring to this dynamic as "invisible computing," without offering more detail. Such a display could facilitate smartglasses in the near future, or the science fiction dream of smart contact lenses even further down the road.

Image via Mojo Vision

Moreover, microLEDs are more energy-efficient than LCDs, enabling devices to run on more compact battery packs. The display type is also brighter than OLEDs, which is critical for outdoor viewing.

"Mojo's high-density microLEDs represent a major advance in displays," said Paul S. Martin, vice president of displays at Mojo Vision. "Creating screens with smaller pixels will deliver a nearly invisible low-power display without the distraction of today's mobile devices. This prototype demonstrates the capability microLEDs have to create more seamless AR experiences."

The company says it will release further details on its displays and technology at a later date. For now, Mojo Vision has at least unveiled a clue to the mystery regarding what its invisible computing really is.

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Cover image via Mojo Vision

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