Brief Reality: Industries Are Flocking to Augmented Reality

Industries Are Flocking to Augmented Reality

While the technology continues to mature, businesses from various industries continue to adopt augmented reality to improve the efficiency of business processes. In this edition of Brief Reality, as conference season continues, we see examples of augmented reality applied to logistics processes and marketing of industrial supplies, as well as the topic of discussion at another trade show.

AR Platform Enhances Logistics Workflow

Last week, logistics software developer LogistiView debuted their new "pick-to-sight" workflow for Vuzix M300 smartglasses at the JDA Focus event in Las Vegas.

With LogistiVIEW, companies with warehousing and fulfillment, shipping, inventory, and other logistics functions can equip their workforce with smartglasses that can select items based on barcodes in real time, improving efficiency.

LogistiVIEW operates through Vuzix M300 smartglasses. Image by LogistiVIEW/YouTube

"The team at LogistiVIEW has an incredible foundation and background in logistics and warehousing software," said Paul J Travers, President and CEO of Vuzix, LogistiVIEW's hardware partners, in a news release. "LogistiVIEW understands the importance of removing impediments within the current warehouse and logistics environment and outfitting workers with hands-free wearable devices to drive efficiencies and productivity improvements."

A video demonstration of the technology is available here.

Sandvik Turns to Augmented Reality to Display Their Wares

Sandvik, a provider of stainless steel and other materials for the oil and gas industry, will utilize an augmented reality app to demonstrate its range of products to attendees of the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) at Houston's NRG Center this week.

In a news release, the company noted that visitors will be able to "experience an innovative augmented reality guide featuring Sandvik's range of products, including umbilical tubing, control lines, OCTG, and more."

The staff at Next Reality have seen a number of applications recently leveraging augmented reality for trade show marketing, from catalog apps running on Tango devices that display industrial-sized equipment to scale to HoloLens apps that can render an entire virtual trade show booth.

Augmented Reality on Display at Embedded Systems Conference

Event organizer UBM will host four expos at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center May 3–4, covering topics such as augmented and virtual reality, robotics, wearables, and more.

The event will converge more than 400 exhibitors from various industries between its BIOMEDevice Boston, Design and Manufacturing New England, Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) Boston, and PLASTEC New England trade shows.

In particular, ESC will present an Advanced Technologies for 21st Century Embedded Systems demonstration, where attendees will learn about augmented and virtual reality, embedded systems, artificial neural networks, deep learning, machine vision, and other technologies that impact their industries.

More information about the event is available through UBM.

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Cover image via LogistiVIEW

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