Market Reality: Business Interest High, Adoption Low for Augmented Reality

Business Interest High, Adoption Low for Augmented Reality

A new survey shows that the majority of companies have an interest in using augmented reality, though adoption remains low. Meanwhile, two companies with support roles in the augmented reality industry are seeing positive financial results.

Survey Says Interest in Augmented Reality High, Adoption Low Among Businesses

Market analysts ABI Research discovered that, among the 455 US-based companies surveyed, 75 percent of respondents expressed some level of interest in implementing augmented reality technology, though only 25 percent are utilizing it currently.

However, a look at specific verticals shows that some industries have taken the position of early adopters. For instance, 40 percent of respondents from the manufacturing sector have deployed smart glasses among their workforce, with only 4 percent taking a pass altogether on the technology.

AR adoption has been aggressive in limited cases, but it continues to be slow when viewed across all markets...Industry verticals are served best in today's relatively young AR market, and this early adoption is critical for later adoption as use case potential expands and device capability grows concurrently."

Companies, entrepreneurs, developers, and enthusiasts alike visit vendors at the exhibition hall of the recent Augmented World Expo. Image by Jason Odom/Next Reality

D-BOX Technologies Reports Increased Revenue

Canada-based immersive motion technology company D-BOX Technologies, Inc. concluded their fiscal year on March 31 with $10.6 million in revenue, which represents a 23 percent increase over last year.

While the company reported a net income of $286,000 for the fourth quarter (an improvement compared to the net loss of $406,000 last year), they also ended the year with a net loss, though their losses were less than last year.

Working mainly with entertainment and training customers, D-BOX's operational highlights included their selection as a vendor for the forthcoming NFL Experience Times Square.

Himax Technologies Declares Cash Dividend

A supplier of displays and components used in a variety of in augmented and virtual reality and other technology products, Himax Technologies, Inc. declared a 2016 cash dividend of 24 cents per ADS, or 12 cents per ordinary share.

All shareholders of record as of July 31 will receive cash dividends on Aug. 14, though shares will be closed for issuance on July 24 through July 31.

"This year's dividend represents a payout ratio of 81.4% based on our fiscal year 2016 profit. The high payout ratio demonstrates our continued support of our shareholder base and strong confidence in the outlook for 2017 and beyond," said Jordan Wu, president and CEO of Himax Technologies, Inc. in a news release.

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Cover image via Jason Odom /Next Reality

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