News: Scope AR Adds Session Recording to Its Enterprise Augmented Reality Platform

Scope AR Adds Session Recording to Its Enterprise Augmented Reality Platform

With a fresh infusion of $9.7 Million in funding on its ledger, enterprise augmented reality company Scope AR has now expanded the functionality of its WorkLink platform.

On Wednesday, at the Augmented World Expo (AWE), the company announced that the latest release of WorkLink includes a new session recording feature that enables users to capture and save live video support calls and AR annotations for future reference.

Image by Scope AR/YouTube

"This is an exciting time for the AR industry. Adoption is growing and expectations among users are shifting towards more comprehensive, enterprise-ready solutions," said Scott Montgomerie, CEO of Scope AR, in a statement. "With the latest WorkLink platform, we've added even more ways for workers to collaborate and quickly get the knowledge they need to successfully do their jobs. With the addition of session recording, businesses can now better capture and retain knowledge for future use and training purposes, while taking compliance, quality assurance and accuracy to the next level."

Available immediately, session recording joins WorkLink's existing features, namely remote video support and creation of AR workflow instructions. Among the companies employing Scope AR in its business operations are medical technology company Becton Dickinson, and aeronautics manufacturer Lockheed Martin, which recently expanded its adoption of Scope AR to all four of its business units.

"Creating AR work instructions with WorkLink has enabled our Space team to reach unprecedented levels of efficiency and accuracy, as well as reduced manufacturing training and activity ramp up time by 85%," said Shelley Peterson, emerging technologies lead at Lockheed Martin.

"Scope AR's platform has proven to be so valuable that we have expanded our AR adoption into even more manufacturing applications within the Space division, as well as leveraging the technology in other areas of the business."

In a crowded field of augmented reality software providers for enterprise businesses, Scope AR is among the leaders. Its platform offers flexibility by delivering support for the HoloLens, ARKit, and ARCore. The enterprise sector may not be as sexy as the prospects of consumer AR, but it's the enterprise side of the business that is showing a return on investment, for now.

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Cover image via Scope AR/YouTube

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