News: ThirdEye Releases Smartglasses with Integrated AR Software for Enterprises

ThirdEye Releases Smartglasses with Integrated AR Software for Enterprises

Smartglass maker ThirdEye Gen, Inc. has introduced an augmented reality solution for enterprises that includes their X1 Smartglass and a suite of software applications that enable completely hands-free computing.

The market for enterprise augmented reality solutions is already a crowded field. DAQRI, Epson, Vuziz, and ODG have similar offerings in hardware, and now Google Glass Enterprise Edition has emerged from stealth mode.

On the software side, Atheer, ScopeAR, Ubimax, Upskill, and others offer similar hands-free functionality and feature sets.

The solution from ThirdEye Gen, though, does have some compelling features that differentiate them from the field.

"We offer a fully integrated product – the X1 Smartglass with AR apps. Our patented software is also hands-free, so the UI is controlled via head-motion which is more natural for AR and different from smartglasses that require touchpads," said Nick Cherukuri, president of ThirdEye Gen, in an interview with Next Reality.

ThirdEye Gen's software displays augmented reality content to the left and right based on the user's head movement. Image by ThirdEye Gen/YouTube

While their competitors overlay augmented reality content onto the user's field of view, ThirdEye Gen's integrated software emulates a three-screen interface. Here, the center field of view remains unencumbered, with augmented reality displayed to the left or right based on the user's head movement. Interaction with content is determined based on how long the user looks at a piece of content.

Running on a customized version of Android, their hardware utilizes a binocular display with 1280x720p resolution (or the equivalent of a 90-inch screen at 10 feet) and 42 degrees field of view. Image by ThirdEye Gen/YouTube

ThirdEye Gen envisions their solution in use cases from manufacturing to healthcare to law enforcement to education. The software is modular, so organizations can apply the features that match their workflow. In addition to remote viewing, ThirdEye Gen's software offers image recognition capabilities, workflow guidance, on-screen annotation for remote viewers, and cloud-based archiving of work sessions. ThirdEye Gen can also build custom solutions for customers.

Cherukuri disclosed that they have demonstrated the solution to AT&T as well as several universities and manufacturers who have expressed interest. They are currently making modifications to the software based on feedback from the demonstrations.

The company is also working on a consumer version of the X1 Smartglass. Cherukuri noted that they will have a prototype ready by CES 2018, scheduled for Jan. 9-12 in Las Vegas, where they will demonstrate their hardware and software in the augmented reality section.

Developers interested in building apps for the X1 Smartglass can download the developer guide at ThirdEye Gen's website.

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Cover image via ThirdEye Gen

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