News: ThirdEye Gen X2 Smartglasses Take Aim at Military Applications with AR-Enhanced Weapons Sight

ThirdEye Gen X2 Smartglasses Take Aim at Military Applications with AR-Enhanced Weapons Sight

Following on the heels of the announcement that ThirdEye's Gen X2 MR glasses began shipping in September, ThirdEye has revealed it has developed an app that helps soldiers aim their weapons during battle situations.

The company just posted a short clip of a soldier using the smartglasses app. It works with a box-like heads-up display mounted on the Picatinny rail of a gun.

The PAWS (Processor Aided Weapon Sight) heads-up display pairs with ThirdEye's X1 or X2 smartglasses to provide information to someone looking through the scope, detailing factors such as wind speed, altitude, weather conditions, and the distance to the target. ThirdEye developed the app solely for military use via the Android mobile platform.

Image by ThirdEye/YouTube

Currently, the company has military orders for the X2 through the authorized reseller of ThirdEye's headsets to the government, BANC3, which previously secured US government funding to develop an AR practicing tool for live-fire ranges.

ThirdEye Gen through BANC3 has signed deals with various government and Department of Defense agencies to use the X2 for training, remote support, and custom use cases.

The box accessory loaded on to the gun to help targetting with ThirdEye's Gen X2 headset. Image by ThirdEye/YouTube

The company also has its sights locked on Microsoft as a competitor, considering its leading role as an AR solution in the military space.

In recent months, Microsoft landed a United States Army contract worth approximately $480 million to test the Hololens 2 with soldiers in the field.

And while the HoloLens 2 may be at the top of the AR heap in terms of overall user experience, ThirdEye Gen offers the X2 at $1,950, undercutting Microsoft's Hololens 2, which costs a hefty $3,500.

In addition to the military orders, Nick Cherukuri, the founder of ThirdEye Gen, told Next Reality that the company currently has X2 orders for use in manufacturing from Boeing, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Robbins Air Force Base, and others.

"We are currently working with [those companies] as they trial them and develop any software for them," said Cherukuri. "Our goal is to become the most recognizable smartglasses in the AR and MR industry."

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Cover image by ThirdEye/YouTube

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