Market Reality: Microsoft Debuts HoloLens 2 AR Clones, Samsung Posts Smartglasses Patent, & Intel Depth Cams Get Cheaper

Microsoft Debuts HoloLens 2 AR Clones, Samsung Posts Smartglasses Patent, & Intel Depth Cams Get Cheaper

The longer it takes Apple, Snapchat, Facebook, and other tech giants to build their own version of augmented reality headsets and smartglasses, the longer runway of practical experience Microsoft gains with the HoloLens and its sequel. The latest example: AR cloning.

Count Samsung among those tech companies looking to break into the consumer end of AR wearables. The company's research and development work continues in that respect as evidenced by its latest smartglasses patent.

Meanwhile, some of the makers of AR-related components are continuing to improve upon the technology. The latest examples come via an AR display breakthrough by Nvidia and an entry-level standalone depth camera from Intel.

Microsoft Teases AR Cloning via HoloLens 2

It's always great to see a company pull off a bit of augmented reality magic, but what we see is not always what it's cracked up to be.

Thankfully, as one of the few who has actually used the Microsoft HoloLens 2, I'm fairly certain that this latest demonstration is an accurate representation of what we have in store when using the device.

What's the magic this time? Your own AR clone with the ability to speak another language. Keep reading to learn more about this AR witchcraft...

REALITY BITES: After a rough 2018, Snap is having a great 2019, and it shows in its stock price, which is up more than 200% compared to its low from last year. Analysts and advertisers cite Snapchat's augmented reality effects as one of the catalysts behind Snap's turnaround.

Samsung Patents Reveal Foldable Smartglasses Design

Historically, patents have never been a rock-solid source for uncovering the future of a company's product pipeline. However, sometimes, the images you find in the patent application search archives are so convincing you have to pay attention.

Such is the case with Samsung and its recent patent application for a pair of augmented reality smartglasses. The patent application was filed on Jan. 2 and published on July 11 and is described a "folding-type wearable electronic device with optical transferring member for transferring light to transparent member from projector."

Continue reading to find out more about Samsung's latest AR invention...

Images via USPTO

REALITY BITES: In other Snapchat news, the rebuilt Android version of the app appears to be doing well, as the app has surpassed 1 billion installs on the Play Store. This is good news for the growth of augmented reality, with Snapchat standing as one of the leading AR platforms.

Nvidia's AR Display Innovations Could Lead to Smaller AR Headsets

The research team from Nvidia is returning to SIGGRAPH, an annual hotbed of innovation, with two new advancements in augmented reality displays.

The first breakthrough, Foveated AR, is a prototype head-mounted display that uses an eye-tracking method for dynamic focus while delivering foveated rendering. In addition, Nvidia has created a method for integrating prescription lenses into AR displays dubbed Prescription AR.

Read further to find out how Nvidia's research team achieved these technological advancements...

REALITY BITES: Yet another media property is latching onto augmented reality as a storytelling medium. Yahoo News will now begin adding AR content to select stories for users of its iOS app.

Intel Opens Pre-Orders for Cheaper RealSense Camera

For developers and makers getting started with augmented reality, Intel is lowering the barrier to entry for its RealSense line of sensors.

On Tuesday, Intel revealed the RealSense SR305, a short-range depth sensor available for pre-order at just $79.

Read on to learn how the latest edition compares to the rest of Intel's RealSense line-up and why Intel plays an important role in the AR industry...

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