News: Volkswagen Offshoot Cupra Born Electric Vehicle Debuts with Impressive AR Features

Volkswagen Offshoot Cupra Born Electric Vehicle Debuts with Impressive AR Features

The electric vehicle space is where a lot of the most cutting-edge technology is used to push vehicles forward (the best example being Tesla).

Now, the Volkswagen Group is ramping up the EV competition with its new augmented reality-infused Cupra Born.

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Although the official announcement of the EV was made a few weeks ago, this week we finally got an up-close look at some of the detail.

Specifically, the car's augmented reality heads-up display is being shown off and, if the final product is similar to the preview, then this will be an impressive demonstration of mobile AR.

Image by Cupra/YouTube

According to the company, the Cupra Born uses a combination of cameras as well as radar and ultrasonic sensors to detect and show the driver vital information on its heads-up AR display.

Images via Seat

Some of the information currently included in the AR system's array is the ability to detect and alert the driver of speed limits while displaying the speed limit on the car's windshield, thus avoiding even a slight bit of distracted driving that may occur by glancing down at a traditional car's dashboard-mounted speedometer.

Image by Cupra/YouTube

In addition to its Predictive Adaptive Cruise Control displays, the vehicle can also present directional arrows as well as final destination flags in AR. This effectively mimics the Google Walking Navigation Mode available on your smartphone, but, again, without the worry of glancing away from the road for a possibly perilous fraction of a second.

There's even a bit of a Marvel tie-in, with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier's Baron Zemo (actor Daniel Brühl) serving as the car company's spokesperson in a new European commercial. The EV will be priced at around $40,000 and goes into production in September.

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Cover image via Cupra/YouTube

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