News: Nissan Launches 3D Car Experience on the Streets of London

Nissan Launches 3D Car Experience on the Streets of London

The recent release of the Looking Glass Portrait has gotten the public excited about personal displays that simulate 3D visuals, but in the public display marketing space, this is an area that has already received a lot of attention.

In the latest example, we have Nissan UK, which debuted an innovative new cube installation this weekend in London's Southbank area.

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Although the installation doesn't appear to actually use any of the holographic or augmented reality innovations we regularly cover here, the display nevertheless does appear to give off the effect of a 3D construct moving in the real world.

The occasion for the unusual display is the introduction of Nissan's new Qashqai SUV (known as the Rogue Sport in the U.S.).

Image via Nissan UK

And while the cube doesn't feature traditional AR in its animation, there is a QR code included in the display that allows street viewers to use their smartphones to see an even better AR view of the vehicle through their smartphones.

"This exciting 3D installation brings that powerful message to spectators in a way many will never have experienced digital content before," said Nic Thomas, marketing director at Nissan Motor GB Ltd. "We are delighted to be launching our flagship car with this innovative customer experience that will equally excite those watching in London, or seeing digital footage online."

The giant four-side cube experience, which repeats every 15 minutes, was created by Pixel Artworks and will only run for a week, so if you're in the area, try to get an in-person look fast. Otherwise, you can get a taste of the experience in the video below.

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Cover image via Nissan UK

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