Market Reality: Samsung Prototype, Mastercard App, Plus Vuzix, 0Glasses, & Pacific Future AR Wearables Shown Off at CES

Samsung Prototype, Mastercard App, Plus Vuzix, 0Glasses, & Pacific Future AR Wearables Shown Off at CES

In years past, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) mostly dabbled in the future as far as the long-term vision for augmented reality was concerned. This year, however, objects in the future are much closer than they appear.

While the outlook for truly mainstream AR smartglasses is at least a year away or as many as several years in the future (depending on who you ask), Samsung showed off a prototype pair of AR smartglasses this week.

Also, smartglasses makers Vuzix, 0glasses, and Pacific Future not only unveiled AR wearables at CES 2020, they also promised to deliver real products to customers this year.

Finally, Mastercard previewed a new mobile AR app that will be ready in time for summer vacation for iPhone owners.

Samsung Unveils AR Glasses Concept at CES

The world of CES, the annual technology conference in Las Vegas, usually brings a few surprises, but few expected Samsung to fire off its first real augmented reality salvo at the event.

But that's exactly what the South Korean company did late Monday when it unveiled a prototype pair of AR smartglasses on stage while demonstrating some of its other innovative ideas.

Read further for more details on Samsung's AR wearable and live demonstration...

Image by Samsung/YouTube

REALITY BITES: While the gaming industry is hot on the heels of VR and cloud gaming, Nintendo has its sights set on augmented reality. In an interview with the Nikkei by way of Nintendo Everything, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa noted that AR is among the technologies that the company is interested in and researching possible ways to integrate it into its products.

Vuzix Unveils New Enterprise & Aquatic AR Wearables at CES

While consumer-grade smartglasses are the holy grail for tech companies, smartglasses maker Vuzix knows where its bread is buttered, and that's in the enterprise segment. As such, the company used the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 as its stage for unveiling the M4000, the latest product in its M-series line of enterprise smartglasses.

In addition to its well-tread enterprise segment, Vuzix is also entering the niche market of AR wearables for swimmers with its Smart Swim wearable, the first product from Vuzix Labs, the company's rapid development and engineering wing.

Continue reading to learn more about Vuzix's new products and when customers can expect to be able to get their hands on them...

REALITY BITES: Less than a month after launching Cameos on Snapchat, Snap, Inc. has acquired AI Factory, the computer vision company behind its new deep fake feature, for a cool $166 million.

Startup 0glasses Intros Consumer-Grade RealX Smartglasses

Brace yourselves: Nreal Light clones are coming. Since the China-based startup wowed the crowd at CES 2019 with its consumer-centric smartglasses, a number of followers from Asia have emerged, and all with very similar aesthetics to Nreal Light.

The latest example comes from Shenzen-based company 0glasses in the form of RealX, which made its public debut on Tuesday at CES 2020.

Read on for more details on RealX, when and where consumers can expect to buy them, and where it stands among China's growing field of consumer-grade smartglasses...

REALITY BITES: Also at CES 2020, ThirdEye Gen announced a new partnership with ManoMotion to bring hand gesture input to its X2 smartglasses. On the display front, DigiLens, the waveguide maker backed by Niantic and Samsung, brought its latest display, the Crystal 50, to CES 2020 along with its Iris reference design for AR wearables, while Plessy introduced its newest panel, the AR-Vµ. Finally, NextMind launched an SDK integrating brain-control interfaces into VR/AR headsets.

Pacific Future Challenges Nreal Light with Am Glasses

We've been predicting the rush of augmented reality wearable makers from China for a couple of years, and now it looks like it's in full swing, with one of the most promising entrants coming from startup Pacific Future.

The company was on the CES show floor this week showing off its new Am Glass wearable.

Keep reading to learn more about Am Glasses and how it compares to the Nreal Light and other smartglasses from China-based startups...

Image via Pacific Future

REALITY BITES: While smartglasses makers and parts displayers had their wares on display in Las Vegas, another display maker entered the fray. Micledi announced on Thursday that it had spun off from its parent company Imec with a $4.5 million euro (roughly $5 million) seed funding round.

Mastercard Launching Mobile AR App in Second Quarter 2020

It's a good sign for any emerging technology when one of the leaders of an industry adopts it. So when Mastercard decides to develop a mobile augmented reality app, the moment is a milestone for the AR industry.

On Wednesday at CES, the company announced that it will launch a new AR app that will enable cardholders to explore rewards, benefits, and services available through virtual portals.

Continue reading to learn more about the Mastercard AR app and how it solves a particular problem for the company and its customers with AR...

Image via Mastercard

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