Brief Reality: Atheer Adapts Augmented Reality App to Android Tablets

Atheer Adapts Augmented Reality App to Android Tablets

The augmented reality productivity app market for is a crowded space, so differentiation can be an advantage. Atheer is doing just that this week with their AiR Enterprise application.

Elsewhere in the augmented reality space, Merge begins selling their augmented reality toy, while Cadence offers a new version of their processor that drives augmented reality experiences.

Atheer AiR Gains Android Tablet Support

Augmented reality software provider Atheer, Inc. has adapted their AiR Enterprise application for use on Android tablets.

Currently in use with Atheer's Early Adopter Program participants, the tablet version will be released for all users in August. Previously, the app was available for Android-based smart glasses from ODG, Epson, and Vuzix, as well as Google Glass.

"The release of AiR Enterprise for Android tablets is another important step towards delivering on the promise of augmented reality for all our industrial enterprise customers. It provides our customers with the flexibility, scalability, speed and choice they need to bring together their physical and digital workspaces - using assets and technology they already have," said Soulaiman Itani, chief executive officer and founder of Atheer, in a news release.

Operating in the enterprise-level productivity solution space alongside offerings from Upskill, ScopeAR, and others, Atheer AiR hands-free task guidance and remote support for workers in various industrial settings.

Merge Cube Now Available Through Walmart

Merge has made its Merge Cube augmented reality toy available for purchase through Walmart's website.

Merge Cube acts as a three-dimensional marker for augmented reality experiences that are viewable with or without a VR headset. Users can also record their experiences for use in other apps.

A number of companion apps are available for $2.99 or less through the App Store and Google Play that offer a variety of content.

For example, TH!NGS for Merge Cube, a free app for iOS or Android, allow players to project holographic creatures onto the cube for virtual adventures.

Cadence Unveils New Tensilica Processor

Last week, Cadence Design Systems introduced the latest in its line of Tensilica digital signal processor for use in augmented reality headsets, smartphones, digital televisions, and set-top boxes.

The Cadence Tensilica HiFi 3z DSP gives system-on-chip (SoC) designs better voice and audio processing performance that the previous model, the HiFi 3 DSP.

The holographic processing unit in Microsoft HoloLens runs on 24 Candence Tensilica processors. So, in a way, without Cadence's components, we wouldn't have this neat Reggie Watts video, recorded via HoloLens.

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