Market Reality: Ericsson Ventures Invests in Matterport

Ericsson Ventures Invests in Matterport

Influenced by the growth of augmented and virtual reality technology as well as 3D computer vision, Ericcson Ventures invested in Matterport, whose hardware and software help companies create AR/VR experiences.

In other AR market news, HoloLens supplier Himax Technologies is courting investors through financial conferences, while two companies are partnering to pursue the field services market with augmented reality solutions.

Matterport Receives $5 Million Investment from Ericsson Ventures

Media technology company Matterport welcomed Ericsson Ventures aboard as their latest strategic investor with their $5 million investment.

Focusing their services on customers in real estate, architecture, construction, and facilities management, Matterport specializes in cameras and software that capture high-quality photography, particularly for augmented and virtual reality environments. Their applications include Matterport Scenes, which leverages the depth-sensing capabilities of Tango devices to capture point cloud data for mapping interior environments.

"Ericsson Ventures saw the tremendous opportunity Matterport has to extend our technology lead by using our massive library of 3D models as a deep learning training dataset to create AI that will be the basis for our next generation products. This strategic investment will help us to more quickly develop the technology to its full potential and achieve our mission of making 3D models the primary medium for digitally experiencing, understanding, sharing, and reimagining the world," said Bill Brown, Matterport CEO, in a news release.

Himax Making the Rounds at Financial Conferences

Semiconductor maker Himax Technologies will attend a pair of financial conferences to court investors in attendance.

Himax, a supplier of components for the current version of HoloLens, will host meetings with invited investors at the Jefferies Semiconductor, Hardware and Communications Infrastructure Summit on Aug. 29-30 at The Ritz-Carlton in Chicago.

Next month, company representatives will attend the Credit Suisse 18th Annual Asian Technology Conference, held on Sept. 6-8 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan.

Coresystems and SightCall Join Forces to Provide AR Solutions for Field Services

Workforce management software provider Coresystems has partnered with video communications company SightCall to integrate the latter's Video Assistance augmented reality software with the former's field services software.

The combination will enable service technicians to seek assistance from off-site experts by accessing Video Assistance through Coresystem's platform.

"Two key drivers for an optimal field service experience are first-time fix rate and duration of on-site visits. The Coresystems-SightCall integration uses the latest advancements in video and augmented reality functionalities to set the standard for those two criteria. Customers can expect faster issue detection and problem resolution from start to finish, resulting in better customer satisfaction and loyalty overall," said Manuel Grenacher, CEO of Coresystems, in a statement.

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