News: Matterport Lands $48 Million Investment for 3D Content Capture Technology

Matterport Lands $48 Million Investment for 3D Content Capture Technology

The augmented reality industry has an insatiable lust for 3D content, which makes an investment of $48 million into Matterport a no-brainer for investors.

This week, the 3D content capture company confirmed the investment via Twitter, stating that it had closed the funding round to further the development of its technology.

Image via Matterport

Among investors participating in this round are Qualcomm Ventures and Lux Capital, as reported by TechCrunch.

Last month, the company, known for its camera technology and 3D content solutions, unveiled the Matterport Cloud 3.0 platform, which leverages the company's Cortex AI technology to generate 3D models from 2D imagery captured by 360-degree cameras.

"The power of our new software platform brings us one step closer to camera ubiquity. The versatility enables us to deliver a compelling entry-level solution for simple, smaller projects, while we continue to innovate and extend our industry-leading Pro2 capture experience for professional users," said RJ Pittman, CEO of Matterport, in a statement.

Volumetric content produced by media companies like The New York Times and featured in apps like virtual collaboration app Mimesys represent just the tip of the iceberg for 3D content platforms that call for the products and services offered by Matterport.

But Matterport is not alone among providers of 3D content capture services. Competitors like Microsoft, Jaunt, Occipital, Imaginarium, and Laan Labs stand among the companies offering a range of volumetric capture services.

As augmented reality technology evolves, the demand for services from companies like Matterport will continue to grow, and forward-looking investors will likely continue to fund their growth, even as the experiment of immersive computing remains on the very edge of mainstream computing.

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Cover image via Matterport

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