News: Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Demonstrates the Future of Music Videos via Volumetric Capture

Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Demonstrates the Future of Music Videos via Volumetric Capture

Video may have killed the radio star, but will volumetric capture and augmented reality kill the video star?

London-based rapper Tino Kamal recently released a music video for his single "V.I.P." that features volumetric video filmed with Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture technology at Dimension Studios, one of three studios utilizing the technology along with Metastage in Los Angeles and the Mixed Reality Acadamies in San Francisco and Redmond, Washington.

Directed by Roland Lane, the video features a 3D digital replica of Kamal's performance. Effects studio Prodigious was then able to take the footage and enhance it with a wide variety of video effects, resulting in a unique and rather mesmerizing work of art.

"I feel the creative possibilities are endless and we really are only scratching the surface of what can be done," said Lane in a statement.

Image by Tino Kamal/YouTube

While Kamal is a relatively obscure artist to serve as an early adopter for such a cutting-edge approach to entertainment, Madonna is not.

In May, the pop star capture headlines for the performance of her single "Medellín" alongside South American artists Maluma at the Billboard Music Awards that featured 3D holograms of the performers on stage. The holograms were also captured at Dimension Studios, with an assist from Unreal Engine to execute the experience.

Image by Madonna/YouTube

Although the early returns on volumetric video for the music industry have mostly been shown off in videos and live performances, the technology could also facilitate future augmented reality experiences. Last year, Eminem demonstrated how such an experience can be executed within a mobile app.

The realistic visual output from the Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture system gives artists the ability to present even more immersive and effects-driven AR content to their fans. Now, if Microsoft can sign up a few more partners, music performers may soon have even more outlets to create such next-level experiences.

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Cover image via Tino Kamal/YouTube

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