News: Take Spectator View to a Whole New Level with DataMesh's MeshExpert

Take Spectator View to a Whole New Level with DataMesh's MeshExpert

Beijing- and Seattle-based DataMesh have announced the release of a new enterprise geared mixed reality middleware — MeshExpert. This solution for collaborative interaction with dynamic data is made up of two primary components: MeshExpert Live!, a 4K mixed reality capture system built off of the Microsoft Spectator View, and MeshExpert DataMix, which offers the ability to blend different types of data with XR and mobile hardware.

The first component, MeshExpert Live!, uses the capture system that Microsoft released for the HoloLens called Spectator View and builds on top of that to create a real-time, professional-grade, multi-angle camera system. When combined with MeshExpert DataMix, using holographic content to train, educate, and entertain large groups of people from a stage will likely become a trivial task, with no need for the audience to have their own devices. In cases where the audience does have the hardware, both components together would allow audience interaction.

As you can see in the video above, they are demonstrating a camera view being composited on top of a different camera view which makes the HoloLens user — and the app he is using — look like they are in a completely different place.

Also worth noting, with the spatial mapping capabilities of certain devices, quick remote site 3D scene reconstruction creates the ability to collaborate with drones, 3D vision, and motion capture devices.

The second component — MeshExpert DataMix — is a custom service tailored by DataMesh for the client. When used in conjunction with cloud services, DataMix is a scalable data exchange platform designed to handle onsite and remote cross-device, cross-platform collaboration. DataMix brings enterprise needs together with equipment and environmental data collection as well as a variety of analytics.

Image via DataMesh

MeshExpert Live! is currently available, with licensing options set in both in monthly and yearly subscriptions as well as one-time-price options for large teams.

Image via DataMesh

The open source Unity plug-in METoolkit, as well as the rest of the MeshExpert Live! trial, are now available for download at the DataMesh GitHub repository.

We have covered a few of DataMesh's experiments this year, like their HoloLens model viewer and 3D paint solution using the Microsoft Surface Studio. Generally, they are exploring use-cases with a different and unique approach. DataMesh is definitely a company that people should watch as the AR/MR world grows.

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