Market Reality: Outlook for Augmented & Mixed Reality Remains Favorable

Outlook for Augmented & Mixed Reality Remains Favorable

With many of the companies working in augmented and mixed reality focused on the Augmented World Expo, the finance side of the industry has been relatively quiet.

However, a pair of reports today signal that investors should remain happy for the foreseeable future. Both reports are available for purchase by those with the considerable means to do so.

Augmented Reality Market Expected to Exceed $130 Billion by 2021

Zion Market Research has compiled a report that projects the augmented reality market will grow to $133.78 billion by 2021.

The report, which we'll abridge to "Augmented Reality (AR) Market…2015-2021" for brevity's sake, measures the market's compound annual growth rate (CAGR) at 85.2 percent annually.

The market, which was valued at $3.33 billion in 2015, is comprised of hardware and components, such as sensors and displays, as well as software.

Key players cited by the report include Immersion, Magic Leap, DAQRI, Apple, Blippar, Wikitude Microsoft, PTC, ODG, Google, Infinity Augmented Reality, and Samsung Electronics, among others.

Global Mixed Reality Market Projected to Grow by 75% Annually

A new report by Research and Markets predicts that the worldwide market for mixed reality technology will expand by a CAGR of 75.28 percent through 2021.

The report, titled "Global Mixed Reality Market 2017-2021," credits rising adoption for training in various industries and increasing affordability of hardware for the continued growth of the segment.

Key vendors cited in the report include Atheer, DAQRI, Magic Leap, Meta, Microsoft and ODG, and cites Facebook, Google, and Samsung among "other prominent vendors."

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