News: Scope AR Adds ARCore Support to Live Remote Assistance App

Scope AR Adds ARCore Support to Live Remote Assistance App

Scope AR has decided to take its live remote assistance enterprise application, Remote AR, further into the mobile augmented reality realm by harnessing the powers of Google's recently released ARCore.

While previously supporting devices like the HoloLens, ODG R7, as well as recently having included Apple's ARKit-compatible smartphones to the list, the new ARCore version of the app adds a potential 100 million new Android devices its compatibility pool.

Of the many highly scrutinized, practical use cases for AR, remote assistance (that is, having a visual connection between a needed expert and the people who require an expert's assistance) seems to be taking the lead. And as a potentially massive money saver, this is especially true in the enterprise space.

Augmented reality is continuing to gain interest within enterprise organizations across a variety of applications as a result of its unique ability to deliver on-demand knowledge sharing between a remote user and expert. Our support for ARCore demonstrates our commitment to support the most advanced technology available for Remote AR so our customers have the best experience possible on devices being deployed in the workforce today.

— Scott Montgomerie, CEO and co-founder of Scope AR

The time of an expert can be a precious thing. And that time costs money. Generally, getting a specialist's one-on-one attention typically requires flying that person out to a location, putting them up in a hotel room, and then returning them home when the job is complete. All that is on top of paying their premium for every hour they're out in the field.

But now, with the power of remote AR assistance and the right hardware, a company can simply pay for the time the expert is needed (which also allows a specialist to avoid the road and spend more time with his/her family).

Toward the end of last year, we got to see Remote AR in action when we conducted an interview with the CEO of Scope AR, Scott Montgomerie, via the company's platform using a HoloLens on our end, while he used an iOS device. The experience was a powerful example of what's possible across platforms in AR with the right software.

Overall, remote assistance is a win-win for everyone involved, which is the reason it has become one of the strongest use cases for AR. It will be interesting to monitor the expert assistance transformation that occurs as this technology becomes the norm, instead of the exception.

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Cover image via ScopeAR/YouTube

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