Market Reality: Future of AR Series: 5G, AR Cloud, Blockchain, & Apple Glasses, Plus Marvel & HBO Franchise Hits Go AR

Future of AR Series: 5G, AR Cloud, Blockchain, & Apple Glasses, Plus Marvel & HBO Franchise Hits Go AR

Over the past two years, the tech industry has formed a series of symbiotic relationships that are now converging in the augmented reality space. This week, we took a look at these interrelated technologies and how they are shaping the future of AR.

Meanwhile, Marvel and HBO are taking advantage of AR's present to promote their big entertainment releases, Avengers: Endgame and Game of Thrones, respectively. Likewise, Jack Daniel's becomes the biggest name to date in the liquor industry to jump on the AR bandwagon.

The Future of Augmented Reality: 5G, Blockchain, Smartglasses, & More

Augmented reality hasn't quite taken the mainstream by storm, but the building blocks are taking shape.

From 5G networks to blockchain, from smartglasses to the AR cloud, the technologies of today will influence how mainstream adoption will take hold.

But there's a disconnect between current perceptions of how these technologies will evolve into our AR future, and there's the reality...the next reality. Start reading our six-part series on the Future of AR here...

REALITY BITES: Apple and Qualcomm surprisingly settled their ongoing legal dispute by inking a six year licensing agreement and a multiyear deal for Qualcomm to supply chips to Apple. With Qualcomm pushing its Snapdragon XR1 chipset for smartglasses, could this be a pivotal milestone in Apple's path to AR wearables?

Marvel Amps Up 'Avengers: Endgame' Promotion with Playmoji for Google Pixel

The marketing team for Marvel Studios is doing whatever it takes to make sure you see Avengers: Endgame when it hits theaters in a couple of weeks, including offering an updated set of augmented reality Playmoji for the Playground app on Google Pixel.

Included in an update to the Marvel Studios Avengers Playmoji app on Google Play on Monday, Google Pixel owners now gain access to the full Avengers team, with War Machine, Thor, Black Widow, Rocket, and Captain Marvel joining Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Nebula, and Okoye from the app's initial release.

Read more about the Playground AR experience and how it might be just the beginning for Marvel's AR marketing onslaught to come over the next week...

REALITY BITES: Google recently stole the show at GDC with its cloud-based Stadia gaming service. Could this be a model for the future of AR content as well? One AR researcher weighs in.

Snapchat Debuts Branded Landmarker AR with Game of Thrones Lens

Spring is here across the US, but, through the lens of Snapchat and augmented reality, winter is coming to New York.

After debuting a Game of Thrones AR experience at SXSW, HBO has now taken advantage of Snapchat's new Landmarker technology to promote the forthcoming final season of Game of Thrones, which aired on Sunday.

Continue reading to learn how its continued innovation with its Lens platform may position Snapchat to claim the throne of AR...

Images via Snap

REALITY BITES: Snapchat is one of the favorites to capitalize on the smartglasses future of augmented reality, but will it survive that long? According to Business Insider, the burn rate by parent company Snap could extinguish its AR flame within three years.

Jack Daniel's Turns Its Bottles into AR Marketing Canvas

While Jack Daniel's is one of the most iconic brands in the liquor business, when it comes to augmented reality marketing, it's joining a long list of others telling a very familiar story in the growing marketing medium.

On Monday, the company published the Jack Daniel's AR Experience to the App Store and Google Play. Equipped with the app and any size bottle of Jack (or at least a crisp photo of one), users can scan the label and access three AR experiences, including stories about the whiskey's namesake, a review of the distilling process, and a tour of the brand's headquarters in Lynchburg, Tennessee.

Keep reading to learn why the AR experience itself might not be innovative, but Jack Daniel's adoption of it is significant...

REALITY BITES: Pokémon GO is by far the most successful AR game to date, so it would be the obvious choice to assist in the promotion of the forthcoming Detective Pikachu movie. Plot twist! 7 Eleven has jumped in with its cross-promotional AR camera in its mobile app instead. Speaking of movies, Regal Cinemas is running an "EastAR Egg Hunt" with its own AR-capable mobile app, where moviegoers can scan movie posters for virtual easter eggs containing rewards. Also, if you're interested in more AR advertising and promotion strategies like these, check out our Marketing section!

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