Market Reality: Meta's Legal Woes Continue, Snapchat Beefs Up AR in Its App, & AT&T Expands Magic Leap Retail Rollout

Meta's Legal Woes Continue, Snapchat Beefs Up AR in Its App, & AT&T Expands Magic Leap Retail Rollout

To borrow from the canon of Game of Thrones, what is dead may never die. And while the Meta Company that we knew this time last year is no more, the patent infringement lawsuit filed against the company lives on.

Elsewhere in the AR world, news was more optimistic for Snap Inc., as its stock price continues to recover from a rough 2018, and now the company is ready to roll out a slew of new AR features and take advantage of its momentum. Magic Leap is on the verge of a consumer breakout, and telecom companies AT&T and SK Telecom are poised to showcase the AR headset as a vehicle for 5G connectivity.

Finally, AR is proving to be a head-to-toes technology, as Puma launched AR-enabled sneakers this week.

Meta Continues Battle Against Genedics in Court

Months after Next Reality broke the story surrounding the financial troubles at Meta Company, there's a new update in the company's ongoing patent lawsuit.

On Thursday, Genedics, the plaintiff in the case, filed a new motion with the court requesting a "default judgment and permanent injunctive relief" against Meta Company.

Continue reading for more details on Genedic's latest legal blow to Meta Company...

REALITY BITES: After the tragic slaying of hip-hop artist Nipsey Hussle, fans and admirers are reflecting on his role in music, society, and business. Keith Curtin, founder of SeeDigital, reminds us that Hussle was also using AR as a key part of his business as well.

AR Takes Center Stage in Revamped Snapchat App

The first annual Snap Partner Summit kicked off on Thursday in Los Angeles, and with it came some new products announcements, several of which enhance Snapchat's already robust augmented reality powers.

Among the new releases, the big standout is an interface change that the company calls the AR Bar, which will make it easier to access and interact with Snapchat's growing array of AR features.

Read more about the new AR features and what they mean for Snapchat's potential future in AR smartglasses...

Image via Snap

REALITY BITES: Smartglasses maker North is on the road again with its pop-up retail shops, making its way to the Intel Capital Summit (Intel Capital is an investor in North) and returning to San Francisco at Spark Social.

Magic Leap Expands Retail Availability, Integrates 'Game of Thrones' Fan Swag

The Game of Thrones premiere is fast approaching, and along with it, Magic Leap has begun to unveil some of the fan-centric swag associated with its immersive experience based on the hit TV series.

On Monday, a contributor to the unofficial Game of Thrones fan site Watchers on the Wall received a special Magic Leap box that could become an instant collector's item.

Continue reading for more on the new Game of Thrones fan treats and which cities more Magic Leap One devices will soon go on sale...

Image by Petra Halbur/Twitter

REALITY BITES: David Goldberg, principal research engineer at Warby Parker, took to Medium this week to give readers the inside story on the development of Warby Parker's AR virtual try-on tool.

Puma Launches Limited-Edition AR Sneaker

We've seen a variety of AR experiences related to athletic footwear over the years, but Puma is betting sneakerheads will buy into a version of interactive design where sneakers are the augmented reality experience

The shoemaker launched the LQD Cell (pronounced "liquid cell") Origin AR as a limited release on Thursday. The sneaker is the first of a series that will see several successors over the summer, packed with technology targeted at the wearer's comfort.

The shoes also unlock augmented reality content. Read more about the AR experience and where Puma stands among athletic apparel companies adopting AR...

Images via Puma

REALITY BITES: The marketing world has almost fully embraced augmented reality as a means of capturing the attention of customers. To serve that increased interest, we've created a section on Next Reality that's devoted to the augmented reality experiences pitched by modern Mad Men. So if you're interested in AR advertising and promotions, check out our Marketing section!

South Korea's SK Telecom Unveils Details of Partnership with Magic Leap

The partnership between Magic Leap and leading South Korean wireless carrier SK Telecom took on an added importance earlier this week as the company unveiled the world's first nationwide 5G network.

During an event at SK Telecom's headquarters in South Korea, Jung-ho Park, the company's CEO, outlined its aggressive dive into 5G, which includes a few new augmented reality initiatives.

Keep reading to find how SK Telecom will showcase Magic Leap in its retail locations, and how the AR headsets will play a role in the its 5G rollout...

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