Market Reality: Snapchat Expands Ad Offerings, Magic Leap Takes Flight with Content, & Microsoft Readies New HoloLens

Snapchat Expands Ad Offerings, Magic Leap Takes Flight with Content, & Microsoft Readies New HoloLens

At present, consumer-facing augmented reality is a mobile world, and Snapchat is making money on it through advertising partnerships.

The future, however, is in wearables, and that future is getting closer. While Magic Leap is lining up content for the launch of Magic Leap One later this year, Microsoft is testing its next-generation HoloLens for release next year.

Candy Crush, Bud Light, & Dunkin Donuts Press Play with Snapchat AR Game Ads

Less than two months after launching its augmented reality platform for casual gaming and shared experiences, Snapchat is ready to make Snappables available to advertisers.

The first sponsored Snappables will be available to users Thursday in Snapchat. Candy Crush makers King will be among the first brands to usher forward sponsored AR gaming, according to a Snapchat spokesperson. Bud Light (who was also one of the first brands to purchase a Sponsored World Lens) and Dunkin Donuts have also signed on as launch partners.

In addition, Snapchat has made its AR Lenses for brands easier to buy by making them available in the self-serve tool.

Keep reading to learn more about how AR fits into Snapchat's monetization strategy...

REALITY BITES: Mapbox (whose mapping technology powers Snapchat's maps) has hired a former Apple designer to assist developers in building augmented reality apps.

Magic Leap Takes Flight with Air New Zealand

On Thursday, Air New Zealand announced a strategic partnership with Magic Leap, with the airline developing immersive content that showcases the country as a vacation destination. Titled "Fantastical Journey throughout New Zealand," the experience, like the Magic Leap One itself, is slated to launch later this year.

The airline also revealed that the experience is a product of London-based creative studio Framestore. Just last week, Framestore revealed that it has been secretly working on content for Magic Leap over the past several years.

Read on to find out how Air New Zealand aligns with Magic Leap's current priorities...

REALITY BITES: The Jobs Map at shows exactly where current openings for augmented and virtual reality jobs are, and some of the data may surprise you.

Microsoft Preparing HoloLens 2.0 for 2019 Release

With all the talk about the impending release of the Magic Leap One, some have forgotten a very important, competing release on the near horizon: the HoloLens 2.0. Well, now we have new information that tells us when (roughly) the device will be released, as well as a few other exciting tidbits.

Code-named Sydney within Microsoft, the device will be cheaper than the original (which costs $3,000), be lighter in weight, and more comfortable to wear, according to a new report from Thurrott.

Continue reading to learn more about when the next-generation HoloLens will arrive and how important it is to Microsoft's future plans...

REALITY BITES: Not everything in the augmented reality world is gold. Blippar has reportedly lost more than $45 million and will need more funding to stay in business.

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