News: If You're Curious About Creating Software for Augmented & Mixed Reality, Start Here

If You're Curious About Creating Software for Augmented & Mixed Reality, Start Here

If not the future of computing in general, augmented, virtual, and mixed reality certainly will change the world of gaming. If you want to try your hand at shaping this evolved medium, the Unite Europe conference posted a talk that explains the first things you need to learn to develop holographic games.

In the video above, Rene Schulte of the software development firm IdentityMine, details the development challenges posed by AR/VR/MR as well the importance of these technologies in the evolution of gaming. After that short introduction, however, you're in for an actual lesson in setting up your first project.

Schulte walks you through the process of creating a basic mixed reality "Hello World" app, which is the first thing any programmer learns to do in any language and development environment. While incredibly simple and nothing to brag about, creating that app introduces you to the development process for mixed reality experiences in Unity.

The talk also demos apps from IdentityMine, addresses several development challenges, and offers a concise introduction to developing mixed reality games and experiences in just under an hour. You're not going to sit and watch this on your lunch break, most likely, but if you're curious about creating software that runs on these amazing new headsets you've got a very good starting point right here.

From there, you could go straight to Unity3D's tutorials on their website; there a few basics guides to getting a few basic games up and running.

(Of course, if you're all about the HoloLens, Microsoft can get you started quickly as well.)

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Cover image by Unity3D

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