News: Now Noobs Can Create AR Apps for Ubimax's Enterprise Platform

Now Noobs Can Create AR Apps for Ubimax's Enterprise Platform

Augmented reality software provider Ubimax unveiled their graphical authoring and publishing tool for their Frontline enterprise platform to attendees at Augmented World Expo Europe today.

Dubbed Frontline Creator, the tool consists of a web-based graphical editor that gives non-technical personnel the ability to build apps that can run on a wide variety of wearable AR devices, such as Google Glass and Vuzix M300. Users can configure workflows, user interfaces, and system interfaces and can leverage Frontline features such as offline speech recognition, remove support, push notifications, over-the-air updates, and more.

Frontline is a productivity solution in the vein of offerings from Atheer, ScopeAR, RE'FLEKT, Ubimax, Upskill, and others, assisting workers with their tasks by displaying step-by-step workflow guidance and other knowledge base content.

Ubimax boasts more than 200 Frontline customers worldwide. Some of them, like WS Kunststoff and AGCO (who was featured using the platform for the Google Glass Enterprise Edition launch), have already begun using the Creator addition.

"The easy handling and user experience of Frontline Creator is more than impressive. This self-service tool now makes it possible for us to optimize our daily processes faster than we have ever dreamed of," said Wassim Saedi, CEO at WS Kunststoff-Service, in a statement.

While AR can help companies improve productivity, competing priorities can slow implementation, as IT departments have finite resources. Tools that empower non-technical personnel to create content and applications for process and training functions can facilitate deployment of this technology and help maintain agility in operations.

Frontline Creator and Application Builder, a similar tool for Upskill's Skylight platform, fulfill this need.

"The main focus while developing Frontline Creator was on enhancing the user experience for none-IT-people. We are very excited to now enable our customers to independently handle complex Augmented Reality technologies that are simplifying their actual real-world tasks and boost their business. In addition, with special Frontline Creator versions for our implementation partners, we provide our strongly growing eco-system with a powerful and unique tool to improve their services provided to their customers — a clear win-win-win," said Dr. Hendrik Witt, CEO of Ubimax, in a statement.

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