News: BlueJeans Video Conferencing Giant to Launch Native Google Glass App for Remote Assistance

BlueJeans Video Conferencing Giant to Launch Native Google Glass App for Remote Assistance

If you're a normal, non-corporate video conferencing user, you may not have heard of BlueJeans, but in the corporate world, the software has long been a major staple when it comes to remote meetings.

Now the company is finally catching up with the rapidly unfolding wearable augmented reality device segment by adding Google Glass to the mix.

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Starting in 2022, Glass Enterprise Edition 2 users will have the option of using a native version of the BlueJeans meeting software.

Like other enterprise AR wearables on the market, the primary use case for the dynamic will be in the realm of remote assistance, in which an expert in a faraway location can see what a Google Glass wearer sees and advise that team member accordingly.

Image via BlueJeans

Although the software hasn't been demoed publicly just yet, according to BlueJeans the app will allow for hands-free operation of Google Glass via voice activation, which will also allow for controls such as changing image brightness, spotlight key areas, and initiating zoom-out and zoom-in functions.

The entire platform is backed by wireless giant Verizon, which wrapped up its acquisition of BlueJeans back in 2020, during the height of the pandemic, when it became even more apparent that remote meetings are now vital to nearly all businesses.

Given that relationship, those interested in snagging the package will need to sign up with Verizon here, as long as you can wait until next year for the actual launch of the product.

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