News: Talespin Raises $15 Million from HTC & Cornerstone to Build AR & VR Training Solutions

Talespin Raises $15 Million from HTC & Cornerstone to Build AR & VR Training Solutions

While the rest of the world is scrambling to figure out how to adopt augmented reality and VR tools for remote meetings, one company is building its war chest to serve the growing space of corporate clients who need this kind of immersive computing training.

Los Angeles-based startup Talespin just raised $15 million in a Series B round in its effort to train the business world to use AR and VR.

The round was led by Cornerstone OnDemand, a company that specializes in cloud-based learning solutions.

"We share Talespin's vision that the workforce needs innovative solutions to stay competitive, maximize opportunity and increase employee satisfaction," Jason Gold, vice president of finance, corporate development and investor relations at Cornerstone, said in a statement.

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"We've been incredibly impressed with Talespin's technology, leadership team and vision to transform the workplace through XR. Talespin's technology is a perfect fit in our suite of products, and we look forward to working together to deliver great solutions for our customers."

Mobile and VR giant HTC also participated n the funding round, as well as early investor Farmers Insurance Exchange. The new cash brings Talespin, founded in 2015, to roughly $20 million in funding overall.

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In addition to its VR endeavors, Talespin is also one of the Magic Leap's early access development partners, with the company using the computing device to extend its VR solutions into the world of AR.

"Our new funding and partnership with Cornerstone will allow us to expand our product offerings," said Kyle Jackson, CEO and co-founder of Talespin. "And to continue building innovative solutions that redefine what work looks like in the future."

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