News: Apple Adds Former DAQRI Designer to the Team, Bolstering AR Smartglasses Rumors

Apple Adds Former DAQRI Designer to the Team, Bolstering AR Smartglasses Rumors

Apple continues to build its augmented reality hardware and software team in stealth mode. The latest addition comes via the hiring of a former DAQRI user experience designer and VR app developer.

First reported by Variety, Sterling Crispin joined Apple in May as a prototyping researcher. Before joining Apple, Crispin published VR painting app Cyber Paint for the Oculus Go, Daydream, GearVR, and HTC Vive in 2017 through his own development company. Prior to that, Crispin spent a little over two years at smartglasses maker DAQRI, first as an artist-in-residence and then as a lead UX designer.

Image by Cyber Paint/YouTube

With previous reports that Apple's smartglasses might be capable of augmented and virtual reality experiences, Crispin's VR app development credentials seem to corroborate the rumor. However, his experience at DAQRI makes his smartglasses OS design the more likely role.

While Apple has not yet confirmed its plans to ship an AR wearable, also signs point to "yes." Besides various reports from analysts and insiders of plans within Cupertino, Apple has amassed a formidable team of AR talent with acquisitions and hires, with the earlier acquisitions feeding the technology in ARKit.

And if we widen the lens focused on Apple's recent business dealings to include its strategic investments and published patents, the picture becomes even clearer that Apple AR smartglasses are closer to fact than fiction.

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Cover image via Cyber Paint/YouTube

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