News: DAQRI Hires Xbox Creator to Accelerate AR Development

DAQRI Hires Xbox Creator to Accelerate AR Development

Augmented reality upstart DAQRI announced today that it has strengthened their in-house talent by recruiting renowned physicist Seamus Blackley and acquiring a team of 15 engineers and scientists from Heat Engine, LLC.

Blackley, best known for leading development of Microsoft's original Xbox console, and his team, will work on research and production of DAQRI's software-defined light (SDL) technology.

Seamus and his team are some of the brightest scientists in the field. We were excited to bring their experience and intellectual horsepower into our team to help us deliver on the potential of Software Defined Light and the DAQRI AR platform. When the 'Father of the Xbox' wants to drop everything he's working on to explore a new technological breakthrough, that's when you know you're onto something big.

SDL controls speed of light and creates three-dimensional light fields through software and a phase modulator. According to the company's website, SDL reduces eye strain and works in bright and dark environments with lower power consumption and smaller hardware.

Currently used in the company's automotive heads-up displays (HUDs), DAQRI has applied the technology to several concepts ranging from LiDAR, terrestrial and space communication, display panels, and non-invasive medical imaging. One concept is a 3D printing method that focuses a laser-generated point cloud on a monomer and creates a plastic object instantaneously.

DAQRI demonstrates instantaneous 3D printing using SDL. Image by DAQRI/YouTube

"DAQRI first contracted my team to explore rapid innovations around SDL, and the use of SDL technology from the DAQRI Smart HUD to power future opportunities like holographic 3D printing," said Blackley in a press release. "Pretty quickly, we realized the tremendous scientific potential, and were excited by the results. At that point, I started talking with DAQRI about coming on full-time with my team to accelerate the potential behind this amazing technology."

With this talented team on board, are you excited about the prospects for SDL from DAQRI? Let us know in the comments.

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Cover image via DAQRI

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