News: Google Extends Support for Google Meet to Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2

Google Extends Support for Google Meet to Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2

Due to the apparent lackluster adoption of its Explorer Edition, it can be easy to forget that Google Glass still exists as an enterprise product.

But Google hasn't forgotten, as it has been working on bringing its Google Meet video conferencing platform to Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2.

On Friday, Google made the open beta of Meet on Glass available to Google Workspace (the new brand name for G-Suite) customers after launching the closed beta last year.

With Meet on Glass, Google Glass users can share their first-person video feed with other participants. The app also enables users to quickly join Google Meet sessions directly from Google Calendar with a few taps.

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"Customers who've been testing Meet on Glass are linking their teams across geographies to collaborate in new ways and solve problems together," said Dave Citron, director of project management for Google Workspace, in a blog post. "In the US, real estate services group CBRE has implemented Meet on Glass to allow employees at job sites to connect with HQ teams and project managers. Connecting the whole team with live video from the frontline is allowing faster decision making and clearer communications between team members."

Enterprise customers can sign up to take part in the open beta.

With the boom in video conferencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Google has piled on features, most recently AR filters for mobile, to position Google Meet alongside Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Adding support for Google Glass, particularly as enterprise businesses increase their adoption of smartglasses for frontline workers, is a logical priority for the Google Meet roadmap, especially as competitors like Vuzix have brought support for other video platforms like Zoom to their smartglasses.

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