News: Zappar Extends AR Services to EVRYTHNG IoT Platform

Zappar Extends AR Services to EVRYTHNG IoT Platform

A partnership between augmented reality company Zappar and IoT services provider EVRYTHNG will bring AR experiences to consumers while supplying market data to brands.

Customers who scan specially-marked packages via Zappar's app or the brand's app integrated with Zappar's services will have access to augmented reality experiences, which can range from games and entertainment to nutritional information and recipes

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"Our partnership with Zappar is yet another way we're bridging the gap between the physical and digital for brands and consumers. This addition of augmented reality to our portfolio of rich digital applications powered by smart products allows brands to deliver interactive experiences that drive consumer engagement, insights, and business impact," said Niall Murphy, co-founder & CEO of EVRYTHNG, in a statement provided to Next Reality.

The Smart Products platform from EVRYTHNG enables companies to collect a wide range of data about consumer behavior and product lifecycles through web-enabled products. Zappar's services expand the platform's capabilities to web-enabled packaging.

Image via Zappar

Brands will be able to track AR interactions to gain valuable insights about their customers. While the scanned codes will deliver AR content, they also will connect with Active Digital Identities. This enables brands to capture data that can be used to adjust logistics and marketing practices.

"EVRYTHNG is the perfect partner for us. They bring big data and serialization to bare in a way that complements our approach to AR. We strive to make AR truly mass market, scalable, efficient, affordable, and effective but also engaging and interactive for our partners. We share a common goal to build an always-on digital relationship between the physical world of things and devices that a brand controls to drive added value experiences, analytics, and results," said Caspar Thykier, co-founder & CEO of Zappar.

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