News: Zappar's ZapWorks Promises to Give Anyone the Power to Create Complex AR Experiences Without Coding Experience

Zappar's ZapWorks Promises to Give Anyone the Power to Create Complex AR Experiences Without Coding Experience

Another entrant into the do-it-yourself AR content creation market has emerged, as Zappar has updated its ZapWorks Studio software to include features for development newbies.

Available now, ZapWorks Studio 5 brings a new feature called Actions that enables users to build AR content without any coding knowledge. Through a visual interface, users can set up basic events and actions without typing a single line of code. (Fret not, developers, as there's still room for scripting in ZapWorks for more complex experiences.)

Image by Zappar/YouTube

Actions also supports ZapBox, Zappar's cardboard viewer for augmented reality. The company recently released ZapBox 2.0, which packs the headset and handheld controllers into a slimmer package. Speaking of ZapBox, a forthcoming update to its companion app for iOS and Android will bring improved tracking and control trigger support.

By popular demand, ZapWorks Studio 5 also adds dynamic lighting, enabling users to bring more realism to their content. The update also includes a range of other improvements and bug fixes.

Whether the output is viewed in Zapbox, Zappar's dedicated mobile app for iOS and Android, or through other apps, ease of creation is an advantage in spurring adoption of augmented reality for marketers and educators — Zappar's bread and butter. Simple, drag-and-drop interfaces make it possible for marketers and educators to create their own experiences without running to the IT department for help.

Considering the competition, the introduction of Actions is a necessary move. On the marketing end, the AR development tools from Snapchat and Facebook both offer a fairly easy to use production environment. For education, Metaverse offers a very user-friendly format for creating quizzes and games, and Amazon Sumerian and AR Designer from Verizon's Envrnt also promise creation interfaces for non-developers. Additionally, with Project MARS, even Unity is making it easier for developers to build AR experiences without custom coding.

Over the years, increasingly user-friendly technology has democratized many creative practices, such as video editing, audio production, and photography, all once the exclusive province of highly trained professionals. Now, we can count augmented reality as one of the next dominos to fall.

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Cover image via Zappar/YouTube

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