News: Xerox Augmented Reality Unit CareAR Raises $10 Million in Funding from ServiceNow

Xerox Augmented Reality Unit CareAR Raises $10 Million in Funding from ServiceNow

The enterprise-focused category of augmented reality doesn't often get the headlines due to its relatively sedate profile as a mostly factory floor and training-based tool.

But a new massive investment in one of the biggest enterprise AR players, Xerox's CareAR, will likely fuel new activity in this still emerging category.

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This week, CareAR received a new investment of $10 million from ServiceNow, one of its existing partners in the realm of enterprise software.

"Service teams today are challenged with solving problems in increasingly complex situations, especially in light of COVID-19," said Michael Ramsey, vice president of product management for customer workflow products at ServiceNow, during last year's announcement of the initial collaboration between the two companies.

Image via CareAR

"They want to increase efficiency, reduce operational costs, and improve customer outcomes—all while ensuring employee safety. Together with CareAR, ServiceNow is delivering digital experiences that empower service teams to better solve problems remotely so work can be completed efficiently and safely."

Now that ServiceNow has even more skin in the AR game, the funding will be used to extend CareAR's reach beyond its existing customers, which include Nordstrom, Verizon, Allstate, FedEx, State Farm, NTT Data, Marriott, and others.

Image via CareAR

One of the primary use cases for CareAR is around the area of remote assist situations in which an expert can instruct a field worker by utilizing AR overlaid on various systems and devices.

CareAR is just one of a growing legion of remote assist-focused platforms based on using AR to significantly reduce the need to travel or meet in person when it comes to training, repair, and meetings.

Image via CareAR

"Xerox has positioned CareAR to deliver capabilities that service-intensive industries need, with real-time instruction, visual tools and access to data at the tip of any user's fingertips, all driven by predictive artificial intelligence," said Xerox CEO John Visentin, who will now serve as CareAR's Chairman.

"By creating a platform that is intuitive to a digitally native workforce, and with investment from ServiceNow, we believe CareAR will define and grow the Service Experience Management category, disrupting industries at a time when it's needed most."

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