News: The Virtual Reality Developers Conference at GDC 2017 Is Underway

The Virtual Reality Developers Conference at GDC 2017 Is Underway

This year's Game Developers Conference, better known as the GDC, is underway at the Moscone Center in San Fransisco, California, and lasts until March 3, 2017. More importantly for us here at NextReality, the Virtual Reality Developers Conference (VRDC)—a new GDC sub-conference geared toward augmented, mixed, and virtual reality—has begun.

While the majority of the applications are still geared toward virtual reality, many of the ideas are universal, or more easily modified to augmented and mixed reality than standard 2D application and game development.

We are expecting news on the new Windows Holographic occluded headsets that are coming out, since Microsoft said they were definitely going to share them with us last month. This is what I am actively looking for here, and will let you know what I find out as soon as I can. There are also a number of keynotes happening at VRDC. This morning was Google's developer day keynote, and Unity's keynote will be Tuesday morning, followed by Facebook.

A few of the hardware manufacturers that I have written about will be here, and I will be getting some hands-on with a few of them. I will be visiting the office of ODG and getting a chance to try out their R8 and R9 model smartglasses. Occipital, the maker of the Structure Sensor and the Bridge headset for iPhone, will also be in attendance. Expect info coming on all of these headsets.

So keep your eyes and web browser pointed here at NextReality, and I will be update as quick as I can when news hits my ears. Is there anything you want to see from the VRDC?

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Cover photo by Province of British Columbia/Flickr

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