News: Snap Team Member Reveals Early Prototype of AR Spectacles, Plus Here's Another Way to Get Your Own Pair

Snap Team Member Reveals Early Prototype of AR Spectacles, Plus Here's Another Way to Get Your Own Pair

When Snap CEO Evan Spiegel pulled off the surprise debut of the augmented reality version of Spectacles last week, it was one of the biggest moments in the company's history.

In one move, Snap moved from a primarily software-driven social media company to a legitimate hardware player. But how did it come together?

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Well, it turns out that, just like the HoloLens before it, the new Spectacles also had a noteworthy prototype device that led up to the eventual polished version that we see today.

Thanks to Snap AR Product Lead Ilter Canberk, we can now see a vital part of the history of Spectacles hardware. Following the launch of the device, Canberk shared an image of the early prototype of Spectacles 2021.

Posted via Twitter, Canberk is shown wearing the cumbersome prototype outside alongside an associate. And right next to that image, Canberk shows off the finished version of Spectacles 2021, demonstrating how far the fully AR-capable device has come from its unwieldy beginnings.

We've already shared the process of getting a pair of Spectacles 2021, but many AR creators may not be aware that there's another way to get them that includes a cash grant. Snap has just launched the second annual Snap Creative Challenge, which will give winning teams access to the new Spectacles for their AR project.

"We hope to discover how technology can make casual social interactions between co-located individuals more joyful, and engaging," reads the statement outlining how to win the $100,000 grant (and score your own Spectacles). "We believe that augmented reality (AR) is well-suited for tackling this challenge because of its capacity to augment the shared physical reality among co-located individuals, including their bodies, faces, objects, and even pets."

The deadline to enter the Snap Creative Challenge is June 30 and winners will be announced on July 15. If you think you have what it takes, you can apply here.

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Cover image via Ilter Canberk/Twitter

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