News: Snoop Dogg Becomes Snapchat AR Character for His Latest Record

Snoop Dogg Becomes Snapchat AR Character for His Latest Record

He might be an O.G. rapper, but Snoop Dogg has officially entered the cutting-edge of technology via a hidden feature included with his newest music release.

The artist's latest album, called I Wanna Thank Me, is his 20th since starting with Death Row Records so many years ago. This time the music comes with an all-too-modern augmented reality twist via Snapchat.

The new experience launched this weekend in conjunction with Snoop's album. It requires fans to scan a snap code (see below), after which they can point their smartphone at an image of the new album cover and watch Snoop come to life. (Physical versions of the album will include stickers featuring the snap code).

Image by Adario Strange/Next Reality

Like his first album cover, this one features an illustration, in this case, each character showing a different version of what Snoop has looked like over the years.

Once the Snapchat camera Lens is activated, one of the characters blows smoke, and a 3D version of Snoop appears.

For anyone wondering what the mini AR version of Snoop has to say, it's just an excerpt of his speech from last year when he was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (during which he thanked himself repeatedly).

Image by Doggystyle Records/Empire

The Lens was created by Fishermen Labs, the same studio that developed the popular LeBron James Snapchat Lens earlier this year.

Perhaps the only surprise here is that the developers didn't give users an option to sport some classic Snoop shades and a goatee. But, considering the mixed history of letting fans take on the image of their favorite music stars via Snapchat, maybe letting the artist speak for himself was the best move after all.

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Cover image by Adario Strange/Next Reality

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