News: Snap's Spectacles 3 Officially Go on Sale Internationally Online & at Retail

Snap's Spectacles 3 Officially Go on Sale Internationally Online & at Retail

Following up on the initial tease over three months ago, Snap Inc. is finally letting the public get its hands on its new Spectacles 3 wearable device.

The limited release shades come Mineral (gold) and Carbon (black) and come packed with a number of features that are an upgrade from the previous version of Spectacles.

We've only had Spectacles 3 in our hands for a few days, so we'll have an in-depth hands-on analysis soon, but for now, we can confirm that the new Spectacles 3 is definitely a major upgrade from all previous versions.

From the light frame and much smaller form factor, pretty much the only way you'd even know these are tech-enabled wearables is by taking a look at the cameras mounted on either side of the frames.

Image via Snap

Like the previous version, Spectacles 3 captures high-definition video and stills, but now that there's an additional camera you can use to add depth to your saved images.

Also, thanks to the additional camera, you can now add 3D augmented reality effects to video footage after you've saved it to the Snapchat app. What might not be readily apparent from some of the demo videos you've seen is how good the occlusion with some of the 3D effects (something we'll show off in detail in our hands-on).

Images via Snap

Along with the ability to view your 3D photos on your smartphone, the Spectacles 3 package also comes with a VR-style viewer (similar to Google Cardboard) that allows you to view your images in a more immersive mode.

Images via Snap

Available for $380 on the Spectacles website, the wearable will also be available in the US at Neiman Marcus/Smartech (the New York and San Francisco branches) and at Ron Robinson in Los Angeles.

Outside of the US, the wearable is available in Europe at Harrods, Harvey Nichols, and Smartech outlets in the UK, France, Switzerland, and Italy. In the United Arab Emirates you'll be able to pick them up at Harvey Nichols, and in Asia they're available in Japan via Smartech.

Image via Snap

If you remember the original Spectacles, then prepare to reintroduce yourself to the concept, because Spectacles 3 is a far cry from the first. Spectacles 3 really looks and feels more like a high-end fashion accessory rather than a piece of wearable technology. And that's exactly what the smartglasses space needs as it ramps up to full-fledged AR wearables in the coming months and years.

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