News: Snap Spectacles Get a New App for Hands-Free Drawing in AR

Snap Spectacles Get a New App for Hands-Free Drawing in AR

If you thought Snap's Spectacles were limited to a couple of demos, you haven't been paying attention.

During the initial launch of the augmented reality wearable, the social media giant said that it had seeded Spectacles with a wide range of developers, and now we're getting the chance to see what another one has done with the AR smartglasses,

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Pittsburgh-based AR and VR developer Matthew Hallberg used Snap's Lens Studio to create a new app for Spectacles that he calls Sketchflow.

Image by Snap/YouTube

To demo the app, he takes us on a mobile journal, which shows off how you can draw with the app, hands-free while wearing Spectacles as you move through your city.

"I was just thinking about how I would want to use these glasses and I want to send videos to my friends I want to write messages in the air and annotate things," said Hallberg in a Spectacles video released on Monday.

Image by Snap/YouTube

"I made an annotation and drawing app so you can like overlay and draw on top of the real world. I'm not really personally an artist but what I wanted to do here was empower other artists to create their vision of what they want the world to look like."

Image via Snap

Like our normal Snapchat Lens stories, this one comes with a Snapcode (above) that allows you to access the Lens.

However, when we tried it with a smartphone, the Lens didn't seem to work, so this one may only be for the lucky few of you out there who have a pair of the new Spectacles right now.

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Cover image via Snap/YouTube

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