News: Snap's Spectacles Turned into Immersive AR Dance Teacher via Lens Studio

Snap's Spectacles Turned into Immersive AR Dance Teacher via Lens Studio

The debut of the augmented reality version of Snap's Spectacles came with several examples of how the wearable can allow creators to transform the world around them.

Now, weeks after the initial launch of the AR smartglasses, we're getting yet another example of how the device can facilitate new kinds of immersive experiences.

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Los Angeles-based technical designer Katherine Harris managed to snag a pair of Spectacles and decided to use the device to develop a new kind of teaching tool.

Image by Snap/YouTube

Harris, a veteran of Microsoft who now works at Magnopus, an immersive experience production studio, created Dance Helper to train the rhythmically challenged learn to hit the right steps when the music starts.

A major part of the process of building the experience involved using Snap's Lens Studio, which Harris describes as the perfect tool for immersive development even for those without coding skills.

Image via Snap

"This device shows that regular people can now start adopting this technology," said Harris in a new video demonstrating Dance Helper. "If you're a creator, or an engineer, or a designer, or just interested in augmented reality, this is a really easy, great way to break into this new interaction."

Of course, we can't talk about AR-assisted dance training without mentioning the pioneering work of Dance Reality, the smartphone-based app developed by Seattle creators Andy Albani and Bee Mattox. But now that we have a new AR vector with even easier to use development tools, the notion of AR-based dance training can finally move from a handheld exercise to a hands-free, more natural interaction via Spectacles.

Unfortunately, since there's no word on when the new Spectacles will be available to the mainstream public, the Dance Helper app is really just a demo at this point, but it shows just how limitless the possibilities might be when combining Spectacles with Lens Studio in the future.

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Cover image via Snap/YouTube

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