Brief Reality: AR Goes Green in Hackathon

AR Goes Green in Hackathon

NextReality will be giving readers a rundown of the augmented and mixed reality news briefs from the preceding week that we didn't cover already. This way, you'll never miss anything of importance in the NextReality landscape, and will always know what's going on with new augmented and mixed reality tech and applications. The first one starts right now, and you can enjoy future ones every Tuesday going forward, so stay tuned.

Neste Teaches Environmental Science Through AR

Neste Corporation has launched a beta version of EduCycle, an augmented reality game that teaches children 12 and older about the environmental impacts of carbon dioxide emissions, in a San Fransisco school. Played on a game board viewed through an iPad and a dedicated app, the game simulates the impacts of players' choices in a virtual city.

"We wanted to create a fun but educational game that teaches kids, and adults too, about the factors impacting the environment," said Jeremy Baines, VP Sales, Neste North America, in a press release. "As the game shows, making the right choices can be surprisingly difficult. Climate change is a serious issue, and we strongly believe education is one of the most important tools we have for positively affecting the future of our planet."

Hackathon Generates Earth Day Content in VR, AR & 360º Video

Sustainable Realities: Hacking the Future in VR, AR & 360, the first virtual/augmented reality and 360-degree video hackathon focused on climate change, will take place on Earth Day weekend in the Boston area, April 21–23.

Participants in the free event will produce immersive content on environmental issues. The event starts at 5:30 p.m. ET on April 21 at the Public VR Lab, a project of the Brookline Interactive Group (BIG).

Ecohackers interested in participating can register via EventBrite.

New Hospital Breaks Ground with AR/VR Technology

Last week, the University of Nebraska Medical Center began construction of a new $118.9 million facility for training medical professionals in augmented and virtual reality in healthcare.

The Dr. Edwin Davis and Dorothy Balbach Global Center for Advanced Interprofessional Learning (or the Davis Global Center for short) will be the new home of UNMC's Interprofessional Experiential Center for Enduring Learning (iEXCEL) program.

The center will promote hands-on learning through human patient simulators, surgical simulation, and interactive technology, including head-mounted displays, touch-screen learning walls, and 3-D virtual environments.

The Davis Global Center will allow students and professionals to learn though augmented and virtual reality technology. Image via University of Nebraska Medical Center

"Learners do best by having experience, whether it's learning how to play a sport, a musical instrument or, in my case, do cardiac surgery. The more experience, the more practice, the more hands-on opportunities we get the better off we are to deliver high quality, safe, effective and patient-centered care. This center will achieve all of those goals and continue to bring Nebraska to the epicenter of the learning world," said UNMC Chancellor Dr. Jeffrey P. Gold in a press release

Direct Agents Conjures Creative Group for AR/VR Content

Marketing agency Direct Agents has established Digital Content Lab, an in-house creative team for design, strategy, and content services.

A major component of the Digital Content Lab will be video production, which includes 360-degree video and augmented/virtual reality content. The lab will also provide social media management and channel distribution.

"The average online viewer is exposed to about 5,000 ad messages per day, according to Fast Company. Our solution, Digital Content Lab, will help your brand stay top of mind through custom tailored creative and content," said Dinesh Boaz, Cofounder and CCO at Direct Agents, in a press release.

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Cover image via Neste Corporation

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