News: Apple Augmented Reality Smartglasses Concept Tests Futuristic Fashion Approach

Apple Augmented Reality Smartglasses Concept Tests Futuristic Fashion Approach

Whenever a new, category-defining Apple product is in the works, we usually get a series of creative concept designs to accompany the rumors swirling around the prospective launch.

Now we're being given the same creative treatment for the much-talked-about potential release of Apple's augmented reality smartglasses.

The concept design comes from Berlin-based Dominik Hofacker who recently posted it on the ConceptsiPhone YouTube channel.

Image by ConceptsiPhone/YouTube

Although the video showcase of the concept doesn't get into great detail in terms of technical aspects, the designer's personal page speculates on things such as a touchpad, battery placement, and wireless charging, as well as probably overly optimistic features (at least for the first version) like eye tracking.

At least one version of the design concept (see images below) does include what appears to be a camera or sensor of some sort in the middle of the glasses frame.

Image by ConceptsiPhone/YouTube

Also, on the inside of the concept device's arms, we see what are meant to be spatial audio speakers as well an approach to Apple's iconic branding. As for the interface, it looks like the designer was going for a more heads-up display idea when it comes to notifications, with the glasses possibly becoming more immersive when using non-notification functions.

Image by ConceptsiPhone/YouTube

Unlike the very real designs of North's Focals, or Snap's non-AR Spectacles camera glasses, this Apple AR smartglasses concept design leans more toward a goggle-like form factor we've seen on devices such as the Vuzix Blade.

However, seen from a different perspective, it does have a touch of fashion futurism along the lines of Dior's recent, non-tech-infused shades release, which you can preview via the company's AR app.

Images by ConceptsiPhone/YouTube

If Apple does eventually release a pair of AR smartglasses, as some trusted sources are predicting, it's not likely to look like this.

Since Apple is generally known for erring on the side of style — not just function — and these glasses take a decidedly science fiction-style approach to design, this concept probably isn't a realistic form factor for Apple's AR smartglasses.

Image by ConceptsiPhone/YouTube

But it should be noted that the designer's imagining of Apple pairing up with luxury brands like Louis Vuitton is probably accurate, as the company has already cozied up with the likes of Hermès and Nike for unique Apple Watch bands.

Nevertheless, these concept renderings give us yet another way to begin envisioning how mainstream users will interact with AR in what is likely to be the first truly widespread immersive computing device beyond the smartphone.

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Cover image via ConceptsiPhone/YouTube

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