News: Adidas & Tooz Reveal More About AR Smartglasses Partnership

Adidas & Tooz Reveal More About AR Smartglasses Partnership

The progress Tooz has been making in the smartglasses space has been mostly kept under wraps, but the company is slowly giving us a deeper look at what it has in store for smartglasses wearers.

In the latest update, Tooz and Adidas have revealed footage that shows off what the collaboration looks like in the field.

The actual augmented reality footage appears to still be in the "concept design" phase.

Image via Tooz

However, the hardware is complete and we get to see it on an athlete's face as he uses the Adidas Runtastic app to track his workout process. (You can see the full video at the bottom of this page.)

"The collaboration with Adidas Runtastic has clearly shown that app content can be transferred very easily to the Tooz Smart Glasses and that wearers can benefit directly from this technology in sports and outdoor activities," says Dr. Kai Ströder, the CEO of Tooz, in a statement. "With the seamlessly integrated Tooz optics, we can not only meet individual style preferences, but also the ergonomic requirements of athletes."

Image via Tooz

Earlier this month, Tooz also opened up the flood gates to those looking to get early access to its non-Adidas branded smartglasses.

There's no word on when the Adidas smartglasses will be publicly available, or what the price might be, but this new concept video is a tantalizing peek at what's in store from the athletic giant in the way of wearables.

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Cover image via Tooz

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