News: Unity Offers AR/VR Training for Developers Through Udacity

Unity Offers AR/VR Training for Developers Through Udacity

As demand for AR and VR developers continues to increase, particularly with the advent of Apple's ARKit platform, Unity has partnered with online learning company Udacity to help developers sharpen their skills for these jobs.

The companies have created two new programs, the newly-launched Learn ARKit and the VR Developer Nanodegree, in which developers can enroll through Udacity. The programs are designed to teach developers to create immersive experiences and learn how Unity works with hardware and software to accomplish the result.

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"Augmented and virtual reality are the future—so much so that the most influential companies in technology are betting big on their potential. It's a great time for seasoned developers and newbies alike to sharpen their skills. We're proud to work with Udacity to help equip developers today with the skills to create the apps of tomorrow," said Jessica Lindl, global head of education at Unity Technologies, in a blog post.

The ARKit program covers visual inertial odometry, computer vision, and dynamic lighting effects in the context of the platform. Through the course, students will build sample applications that can realistically place virtual objects into physical environments, applying concepts such as basic shadow effects.

"At Udacity, our goal is to work with the most incredible companies across the globe to build our programs—that's how we ensure our students master the most relevant skills, and our graduates get hired. To teach immersive technologies like VR/AR and give our students the best learning experience on the planet, we knew we had to work with Unity," said Vish Makhijani, CEO at Udacity.

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While these programs prepare developers to pursue AR and VR jobs, they also help ensure that Unity maintains its position as the development environment of choice for these apps. So, call it a win-win proposition.

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