News: Mark Ronson Releases AR Filled, Interactive Music Video on Instagram Featuring King Princess

Mark Ronson Releases AR Filled, Interactive Music Video on Instagram Featuring King Princess

Music producer Mark Ronson, fresh off his Oscar win for Best Original Song as a co-writer of "Shallow," the song by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper for the movie A Star Is Born, has now added augmented reality to his varied repertoire.

On Wednesday, Ronson and Sony Music released a new music video, in partnership with Instagram, for his song "Pieces of Us" featuring singer King Princess. But this isn't your average music video, this could be the future of music videos.

The new video is available in Mark Ronson's Instagram Stories in its entirety and was shot entirely on smartphones.

Notably, the director, Dan Moller, didn't use post-production tools to achieve the effects. Instead, the AR effects were filmed live and developed using Facebook's Spark AR platform, an AR filter creation tool that's designed to be easy enough for even non-developers to use.

Images by Mark Ronson/Instagram

As if shooting a professional music video on smartphones and using Instagram AR effects wasn't futuristic enough, the video will continue to evolve over the next 48 hours. The record label is planning to incorporate fan-generated content into the story, a move aimed to make the music video feel less like a static piece of art and more like a living breathing thing.

This is yet another example of how AR and artists are bridging the gap between the real and digital worlds and exploring new ways to create. The video itself feels equal parts old school and futuristic. The set design is very retro, but it's hard to not notice the virtual objects floating around King Princess' head as she sings.

Images by Mark Ronson/Instagram

Another benefit of hosting the music video directly on Instagram Stories is that it's interactive. There's a moment in the middle of the video where King Princess goes to ride off on a bicycle and the whole thing freezes and a poll appears, asking viewers to actually vote on where they think she'll go next.

This feels like just a taste of the kind of interactivity and connectivity the future of media will bring to creators and consumers.

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Cover image via Instagram

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