News: Warner Bros. & Niantic Release Third Harry Potter Wizards Unite Trailer

Warner Bros. & Niantic Release Third Harry Potter Wizards Unite Trailer

Next to Game of Thrones, Harry Potter is one of the most beloved franchises in entertainment today, and now we have another peek at its dive into augmented reality.

This week, Warner Bros. released the third trailer for its upcoming AR game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

The new, extremely short trailer shows us a Niffler doing what it does best, hoarding gold, as two people look on in wonder.

Image by YouTube/WB Games France

"This discombobulated Niffler, hoarding gold, Galleon-like coins was just spotted at an arcade in England," reads the description of the brief teaser, which was shared on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. "As the Calamity threat increases in severity, make sure to join the Statute of Secrecy Task Force and be ready to help.

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What's most interesting about the choice of this particular Harry Potter world creature is the fact that Magic Leap displayed its own version of Nifflers in AR during a December promotion for Harry Potter spin-off movie Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. So although we expect Wizards Unite to be delivered via mobile, in the same was as Niantic's (the developer of Wizards Unite) Pokémon GO mobile AR game, it's beginning to look the film studio plans on planting AR Nifflers everywhere it can.

Initially, reports indicated that the Niantic game might reach fans in 2018, but subsequent comments from Niantic point toward a July release at the earliest. Thankfully, for Harry Potter fans, these teasers just keep getting better, which makes the years of waiting just a little less painful.

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Cover image via YouTube/WB Games France

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