News: Lucasfilm Looks to Lenovo for Star Wars Augmented Reality

Lucasfilm Looks to Lenovo for Star Wars Augmented Reality

The Force is strong with Lenovo, who is working with Disney and Lucasfilm to deliver an augmented reality headset and lightsaber handle for the forthcoming Star Wars: Jedi Challenges game.

The headset and game were revealed at the D23 Expo, which is ongoing at the Anaheim Convention Center this weekend.

Lenovo is producing an augmented reality headset for mobile devices to play _Star Wars: Jedi Challenges_. Image by Lenovo/YouTube

While not many details have been revealed, Lenovo has released a teaser video. The video features a headset strapped over the users' eyes, with celestial bodies reflected over her view. The actress reaches for a lightsaber accessory, with the glowing blade appearing on the headset's lenses.

An accessory will enable lightsaber duels in augmented reality. Image by Lenovo/YouTube

The fine print in the video notes that a compatible mobile device will be required, so we can expect a "cardboard for AR" mobile experience with content mirrored from a smartphone. The legalese also notes that "sample product shown," so it is possible that some slight changes will be made before this ships.

As the video concludes, we learn that Star Wars: Jedi Challenges is "coming soon" from Best Buy and Lenovo; with a new Star Wars movie arriving in December, it would be reasonable to expect this to be ready for the holiday shopping season.

According to reports from D23, players would also need to install a companion mobile app. A demonstration revealed that game experiences would include AT-AT battles in addition to lightsaber action.

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