News: Adobe Previews Stationary Augmented Reality Display Called Project Glasswing

Adobe Previews Stationary Augmented Reality Display Called Project Glasswing

It appears that the Project Aero 3D content development tool isn't the only augmented reality project that Adobe has in the works.

The software company recently provided a peek at its Project Glasswing, a prototype transparent display that the Adobe Research team will present at Siggraph 2019 this week.

The prototype uses object recognition technology to overlay interactive content on top of real-world objects sitting in a static presentation space. For example, the display can show marketing content on top of products placed within its field of view (see image below).

In addition, users can draw on the objects within the display's frame, making the technology a dream for graphic artists and product designers alike.

Image by Adobe/YouTube

The video, which illustrates several use case functions, indicates that point of purchase advertising may be the most immediate application of the technology. Last year, Adobe demonstrated an augmented reality experience built by Adidas that enabled shoppers to view 3D configurations of sneakers.

Image by Adobe/YouTube

This time, Project Glasswing realizes the sci-fi fantasies of Minority Report and the Marvel Cinematic Universe by enabling the direct manipulation of 3D content without the need for a head-mounted display.

Based on recent patent filings, it seems Apple may also be pursuing similar technology, but Adobe has now manifested the technology as an actual prototype.

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Cover image via Adobe/YouTube

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