News: Magic Leap Sheds Light on Lumin OS, Disney Creates AR's Future, & The New York Times Innovates on AR Strategy

Magic Leap Sheds Light on Lumin OS, Disney Creates AR's Future, & The New York Times Innovates on AR Strategy

Magic Leap has earned a reputation for overt secrecy, but as it nears the highly-anticipated launch of the Magic Leap One, the company is spilling some of the beans. This week, we get a heaping helping of information on the Lumin OS, as well as a couple of great demos.

Meanwhile, Disney continues to uncover new methods for creating augmented reality experiences, and The New York Times is evolving its immersive approach to reporting.

Magic Leap Previews Lumin OS & Mobile App

A fresh batch of developer info has been revealed on Magic Leap's Creator Portal. On Thursday evening, the normally secretive company gave the general public perhaps the closest look yet at Magic Leap One's Lumin operating system.

The screenshots follow on the heels of the preview release of the Lumin Runtime, which enables multiple apps to run within the user's field of view, or landscape. Note that access to the more detailed information requires registration with the Creator Portal, but that's basically just sharing your email address.

Among a treasure trove of new developer information on the Lumin OS that Magic Leap recently published on its Creator Portal appears to be the official confirmation of the Magic Leap Mobile Companion App, along with two new spatial computing demos.

Continue reading to see the Lumin OS, Lumin Runtime, Magic Leap Mobile Companion App, and new spatial computing demos in all their glory...

Image via Magic Leap

REALITY BITES: As Magic Leap makes its bid to win the race for consumer AR hardware, smartphone-based augmented reality rules the roost for now. Still, smartphones are not the ideal form factor for AR experiences. Dylan Scott, senior creative technologist at interactive production studio Thinkingbox, outlines the problems with mobile augmented reality and how they can be overcome.

Disney Reveals AR Poser for Smarter Image Recognition Experiences

A new augmented reality framework from Disney Research could make it possible for fans to take selfies with an augmented reality Mickey Mouse, Darth Vader, or Iron Man that mimic the user's poses.

Called AR Poser, the prototype experience relies on image recognition to anchor the virtual content and computer vision to identify a person in the scene and estimate the pose. After identifying the person, the application, built with Vuforia's AR platform, then displays a digital avatar with the closest pose match among a set of predefined poses.

Read on to learn how this technology fits in with Disney's overall business strategy...

Image by Disney Research/YouTube

REALITY BITES: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently told Recode's Kara Swisher that he "[thinks] that VR and AR are going to be a really big deal." Underscoring that belief, Facebook is looking for a vice president of AR product, who will lead the company's efforts to develop AR devices and apps. That revenue stream is sorely needed, considering that Facebook's stock price just jumped off a cliff.

The New York Times Tweaks AR Approach with Thai Soccer Team Story

One of the more compelling human interest stories of the summer has been the plight of the Thai Wild Boars soccer team, who were trapped in a cave for weeks.

To show just how perilous the largely unchartered cave was, The New York Times has transported its readers into an augmented reality recreation of several of the Tham Luang Cave's openings.

Keep reading to find out how the latest AR feature differs from previous editions and where the publication stands among its peers in AR reporting...

Images by Tommy Palladino/Next Reality

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