Forum Thread: New Fully Encrypted Augmented Reality Social Platform to Emerge in March 2019

BASINGSTOKE, England, January 21, 2019 - Winsche Studios plans to make its mark in the field of Augmented Reality (AR), launching their new social network platform called doRRtal. This platform will enable users to share 360 photos with their connections. New AR approach immerses and engage users deeply and augment the way they share and receive information. doRRtal will enable users to click on their connection's photos and view it in like a dorm to which user walks in and see the fill experience of 360 photo viewing.

Winsche Studios expands of its commitment to Social Media users by offering 100% fully AR integrated photo sharing network as well as the first fully encrypted users' data. This step will ensure that users will free safer on the social network. Augmented Reality is an interactive experience that blurs the boundary between the physical and digital worlds. Reality becomes highly personalized and defined and driven by the user. AR advancements in gaming and entertainment have given a lot of steam to the industry."Augmented Reality has a lot to offer, not only in gaming and entertainment but also to other industries." – says Adam Winczewski, Innovation Director - "It captures our imagination like no other technology can, and here at Winsche Studios we are planning to explore all possibilities. doRRtal is just a beginning to a wonderful journey that we are planning to take along with AR."

The aim of doRRtal is to disrupt and take Social Media to the new level. It will give communities access to new experiences anytime, anywhere, enhancing their perception of reality at the same time. doRRtal will launch March 2019 on iOS.

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