Forum Thread: Looking for Advice as a First Time Game Builder

Hey guys, I could use some advice here. I'm building a post-apocalyptic battle game and here are the elements I'm putting into it. Character cards (large cards containing a portrait, backstory and hit point counter, probably a grid of numbers), playable cards (attack, defend and loot).

Types of attack cards ( melee, gun, beast and possible vehicle). Types of defend cards (armor, take cover). Not sure if loot cards should be a side card or be played with the defend card. If player floors he can defend but not attack.

Each player plays 2 cards on their turn.

Loot, defend

Maybe defend, loot

Attack, defend

Defend attack

I want to have vehicles play a part as more of a secondary character if possible but not sure how to implement that (secondary character card chosen at random or playable card?) I'd love to some how have car chases.

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