Forum Thread: Demo Lets You View the Clothes You Want on a Moving Person

Imagine walking into a store with your own personal model to show you how any clothing item you want is going to work.

ObsessVR wants to make that a reality, and make the store you're shopping in come alive using Apple's ARKit.The company is a virtual reality shopping platform striving to make a shopping experience easier and more enjoyable for customers. So far, their platform has only included work with VR, including letting users virtually go to a store with a 360-degree space and letting users enjoy exotic scenes while they shop, like a beach while they're looking for swimwear.

This is ObsessVR's first experiment with ARKit. The demo they posted to Twitter shows how you can tap on an item of clothing that you're interested in and see it on a moving person. Once you pick a clothing item, a model will appear wearing the clothes and will walk around, showing you how the clothes move and how they look on a person from all angles. This will help you decide whether or not you'd like to try them on before you bring 100 items into the dressing room.

The future of shopping is changing thanks to ARKit. Already there are furniture stores like IKEA that are letting you try out furniture in your house using ARKit before you buy it. ObsessVR's demo might be just a prototype for now, but getting a real idea of what clothes will look like on a moving person from your iPhone is certainly a way to make shopping easier and more enjoyable.

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